Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cafe Nostra

Our booking schedule has been so full, it's overwhelming. So, I told John that Steve and I didn't want to play for 3 days in a row. John and Michael would play EVERYDAY I think! But, he was totally understanding and said that they could just play as a duo on those days that we didn't want to play. After 2 days of Amador County Fair, I was sure that we wouldn't want to play a 3rd day, so John booked the duo to play for Cafe Nostra.

Well, Saturday came and Steve and I really wanted to join them. What? Are we crazy (too)? Actually I thought it was the place down next door, Sienna, which is bigger (and we would LOVE to play there). Because of that, we decided to crash their gig. It turned out to be a really cute little coffee shop. They moved furniture around and we squeezed into a small area.

The first set was mostly Michael on his acoustic guitar. I could listen to that all night! Here is Michael playing Me & Julio, pay close attention to the "whistling" part!!

Then we all joined in and played mostly soft music. One couple told us that they came from our email list...woo hoo! They showed up the following week too! What a blessing! (Hi Dona & David!) There wasn't a lot of people there, but that never stops us from having a good time. Besides, the guy behind the counter was SUPER and made us feel sooooo welcome!

I told Steve that our band would make a great 'reality show', so he is taping more and more behind the scenes for you. And, there is much more to come! Michael and John have both led very interesting lives with tons of stories.

Here is Michael playing it up for the camera, and...the camera man/harmonica player sets the camera down for his solo and then goes right back into filming! How's that for multitasking:

And a snippet of one of my songs:

We had a great time and were so glad that we came. We refused to take any of the money, because we weren't supposed to be there, but John insisted on giving us the tip money for our gas. Wasn't that sweet?