Friday, August 27, 2010


Looking forward to a great weekend. Private party at a fun resort tonight...heard that they love to ROCK! Yay!! And tomorrow, a free concert in Arnold at Cedar Center Park.

20% chance of rain? What? No!! Rain is not good when you are surrounded by electrical equipment. Last year Steve and I showed up to this same concert and it was one of our our first experiences in playing with the band. Larry and Corinne were still here (sure do miss them!!). And we met Marty (Michael's wife) for the first time. I remember being really nervous, and every time I looked at Marty, she was smiling so reminded me that this was FUN!

It was raining off and on that day too. We almost didn't go on with the concert. But, in the end it cleared up and was a beautiful night! Wish I had some pictures. If I find some, I will post them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steve's High School Reunion

This was a surreal evening for me and Steve. Our band played for his high school reunion. Since we have only been in the band for less than a year, most folks didn't know about it and were surprised. The Hall that the event was held in was large and very loud. There was so much echo in the building that when it was filled with people, the sound was a ROAR and you had to yell to be heard. Imagine adding in live music to that! Wow. We had all of our settings at the lowest possible and still it was deafening. So, we just made the best of it.

We attended the event as guests and as band members. When we got there and I realized that we would be standing around visiting for 2 hours and then playing for 3....I immediately wanted to just go sit and save my feet!! Steve was everywhere, visiting with his old friends. He knew EVERYONE! While I too attended this high school, it was only for a short time and I didn't really know that many people. But, I met some great folks that I look forward to getting to know them better!

It was fun to surprise the group with our performance. I don't know what they were expecting, but we did our best and it looked to me that they were having a good time.

This is Mike Clark. He sang "Born to be Wild" with lyrics written on a napkin. Man...he ROCKED IT!! Mike was in a band in high school and played for many of the dances, so I know everyone enjoyed his performance.

Mike is currently in a band called "Buffalo Country" in Nevada, where he lives. I got a cd from his wife Nancy and they are REALLY good!!

If it looks like we are having's because we are!! Our drummer for this gig was Donny, he did a great job keeping the beat! I love this photo of Michael, ROCKIN it once again!

Based on my hair in this picture, I would guess that this is Roll Over of my favorites! No matter how tired I might get, this song always gets me going...I just love it!!

We used our new monitors at this gig, but honestly with all the echoes, it didn't help all that much, we couldn't hear anything!! During our break, Michael walked me over to the speakers and you could hear the crowd coming out through our PA system. What? Just noise everywhere.

It was like a high school dance with all the favorite songs of our time and everyone dancing and having fun!

It was such an honor to be able to do this show. Steve and I are so grateful to get to play with John (who makes it all happen) and Michael (who is a true pro!). They are the reason we are able to be in a band and we absolutely KNOW how lucky we are to be playing with them!!

Stockton Singles Club

Our band loves to play for the Stockton Singles Club. They love to dance and have a great time. There are couples there too, and many of them met at the dances.

We play some great songs at these dances that we do not play at a rock show. Some oldies and standards that are a joy to perform. The club has a couple of special dances that are meant to get everyone mingling, like the Waterfall and the Over & Under. I love watching them dance from the stage. It's great.

This wonderful couple is Deter and Karen.

They have been following John and Michael for years. When Steve and I joined the band we got to know them and just LOVE them both!!

I met this couple at our last show there. Ruth and Paul.

Paul is a WWII Veteran. When I thanked him for his service, he let me know that he has not heard that very often. This makes me a little sad....we should all thank our service men and women for their many sacrifices....just my opinion. Anyway, we got to talking and he is a great guy! Ninety two years young, he has lots of stories. Sad to know that we are losing so many from this Greatest Generation. It was a joy to spend our evening with such wonderful folks.

Before the evening started, someone asked John if he could figure out the thermostat for air was getting pretty warm in there. Well I was sure that I could fix it, so I marched right over there. I pushed all the buttons, read all the instructions (the ones I could see anyway...such tiny writing!), but nothing worked. Steve tried, still nothing. Finally, someone was able to fix it!

We were so happy to use our new monitors! It was great to be able to hear ourselves.

I call Michael "Mr. Rock N Roll". He looks the part for sure!

And he really knows how to ROCK IT!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Great weekend!

Friday night we played for Gold Country Lanes in Jackson. It's a lounge area connected to the bowling alley. It has a great atmosphere and we had a really fun time. We played with drummer, Chuck Procopio. Chucks a great drummer and a great guy. We love to look behind us to see him smiling.

Owner, John Swift, is working hard to give the place a new look and make it a real "hot spot". I was in the parking lot during a break and I over heard someone on their cellphone. They said to whoever they were talking to come down because the place was ....I think he said "hoppin" or "Hot" or was good! Congrats to John and thanks for having us!

We will return to Gold Country Lanes Oct 30 for a Halloween Bash. We will be in costume, so YOU come in yours!! And, you will have to wait to see what we are coming dressed as. No, not Hippies...that would be too easy!!

Saturday we were privileged to play for Jodar Winery in Placerville, actually the Camino area. This wine tasting room is situated right next to a beautiful lake. They have a lovely lawn area. We had to figure out a good way to set up. John needed his keyboards and chair to be on the cement area, but there was a huge bush right in the way. So, all evening, he was the voice behind the bush!!

We played with Michael Bowers, an excellent drummer. He is also a great singer. I can't imagine how he is able to sing and play drums at the same time, but he is a real pro!

Jodar had a BBQ catered and they fed the band. MMMmmmm yummy! What a treat. And, when you add some of that delicious Jodar wine....even better!

We made some new friends. And, when Steve was inviting folks to be on our email list, he said that there were at least 6 that came because of our email list. Yay! Thanks for coming. It makes us all so happy!

What could be better than the sun setting on the lake, making fun music and watching everyone dance and have a great time?? This is why we love to do this!

When we set up and take down, we have a system and everyone helps. It was a real challenge to pack up in the dark! We were so lucky that a friend of Michael's had a spot light in his truck. That helped. My hubby, Steve, always comes prepared and had a flashlight headband. So, I don't think we left anything behind. I guess we will find out at our next gig!

We are always working on new songs and anything to make our show better. Check back often and I will keep you filled in on all the latest!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Hotel Leger was ROCKIN!

We LOVE to play the Hotel Leger in Mokelumne Hill. For Steve and myself, it's the closest gig to home that we play. It's always great to see friends and make new ones.

If you haven't been to the Hotel Leger, you will be amazed by the richness of the history. This place was built in the 1850's. The bar is original in many aspects and you can close your eyes and imagine what it was like back in the days of the goldrush.

For us, this is a ROCK venue and we enjoy playing so many of our favorites. Last night we were joined for the first time by a new drummer, Donny. He was wonderful and we look forward to playing with him much more in the future.

It's a challenge to squeeze in to the small space available, but it also makes for an intimate setting, it's hard to tell where the band ends and the dancers begin....we are all "in it" together!

Mary and Dennis came to support the band and video tape for us. We are looking forward to sharing some new videos soon...thanks to Dennis!!

We celebrated Steve's birthday and Michael played the Beatles Birthday song...Steve's special request. We are hoping that we can add this great song to our show to honor birthdays in the future.
Can anyone guess how old Steve is now?

This gig went until 1am and that is about the latest we ever play. Sometimes I think I'm way to old to even be out so late, but as long as the music is playing we are all filled with energy.

Thanks to the gang who helped us close the place's always great to see your smiling face and I love that YOU love to dance!! See you next time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Voted #1 !

Woo Hoo!! The Stockton Singles Club surveyed their membership and had them review over 40 bands. The organization voted Crystal Image as their number 1 band! We are so honored and delighted! We all love playing for the Stockton Singles Club!

It's a Hippie Party at Fusion Gallery!!

And a GROOVY time was had by all!!  Our band, Crystal Image loves playing at the Fusion Gallery!  Pam and Laura are awesome and always make us soooo happy!  The Gallery is beautiful.  Does it get any better than being surrounded by spectacular art, great people and live music? 

We played all of the favorites from the Hippie era of the 60's and 70's.  Most of the people who came were all decked out in Hippie attire.  The Gallery awarded Maria the best costume award and she received a wonderful "Peace Sign" wine stopper. 

As always the wine from Findleton Estate Winery was flowing and the people were having a great time.  Steve walked through the crowd with the video camera....