Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rock n Roll Party at the Hotel Leger

We love playing for the Hotel Leger.  It's a beautiful Historic building in the Motherlode.  The bar dates back to the 1800's and some people swear that the place is haunted!  

For us, it's all about the ROCK N ROLL!

Susan and Hannah having fun!

This is the guy who actually created the indian carving.

Girls night out, Susan, me (Stephanie), Terry and Hannah.

Dancing Dancing Dancing!!

We were so grateful to see so many of our friends come out and have fun with us!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!  Ed came with a bunch of friends to check us out for their Christmas party, thank you Ed!  And we will be playing for party, yay!

Fun times, Hannah, Susan and Suzette.

We will be back at the Hotel Leger on October 15th.  I hope you will join us!

Folk Music Camp Out

We were invited to play for the Folk Music Campout at the last minute.  This made it a 2 gig day for us.  This was held at a beautiful place called the Blue Mountain Event Center.  The setting is spectacular.  Up in the mountains with a large meadow surrounded by tall pines.  They took the barn and converted it in to a great big stage. 

We had an awesome time.  For more about the center, go to their website:

Since it was a Folk Music event, we played all music from our Hippie Show.  We didn't wear our hippie costumes though.  If you haven't seen our Hippie Show, visit our website:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Returning to Fitzpatrick Winery

We are so lucky to get to play at some of the most beautiful places in the world. This is one of them.  Fitzpatrick Winery is an enormous log building with a huge wrap around deck.  There is a brick oven in the corner of the deck and the owner of the winery, Brian Fitzpatrick makes mouth watering pizza.  The setting is HIGH up on a hill with a view that seems to go on forever.

The people make a reservation for the evening and everyone comes for pizza and wine and stays for music.  They sell out the place every Friday in the summer.

We meet the nicest people at Fitzpatrick.  This couple asked us to sing happy birthday to her mom.  In fact, there were several birthdays and we did the Beatles Birthday song for all of them.  

See what I mean about the view?

Dick and Jeannie celebrated their 50th anniversary and we did a special song for them. It was a beautiful day!

Things get a little crazy!!

Here is a sweet couple with a tiny little baby, proving that you are never too young for rock n roll!

These folks were up from the Bay Area.

They always offer pizza to the band.  It's soooooo good.  I can not say enough about the pizza! was Jerry's birthday!!  I ask there any better way to spend your birthday?  It just made the night all the more special!!

Two "Mikes", Michael our guitar player and Steve's brother Mike, who was visiting from Ridgecrest.

This is a night when I looked around and just soaked in the moment.  It doesn't get any better than this!

Another Birthday girl,  Ginny and Dave, Debbie, Rick, Jim and Kelley ALL celebrated birthdays with us!  And Drummer Jerry of course!

Brian told us he would invite us back again for next summer.  I'm already looking forward to it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding in Lake Tahoe

What fun it is to play for a wedding.  We had a terrific time at Nick and Lindsey's wedding.  The location was right on the beach at a private residence.   We were set up in a yard with a tent.  They put out a dance floor, it was perfect.

The ceremony took place right down on the water.  They asked Michael to play guitar and sing for the actual ceremony and he did an awesome job.  He also learned a special song for their first dance that was so beautiful it would make you cry!

And, this beautiful tent?  The bride bought it just for us at the wedding.  So, we bought it from her.  Now we have it anytime we need shade!  Thanks Lindsey!!

At most weddings there is a break for people to speak and give toasts.  We took this time to go out and enjoy the water and scenery.  John stayed behind to run the sound system for them.

And then....there was dancing!!

and more dancing!

Us with the bride and groom, they are the nicest people!  We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stockton Singles

Everytime we return to the Stockton Singles, it's like coming home.  Many people don't realize that our band plays two very different shows.  For the Stockton Singles we play our Dinner Dance/Ballroom music instead of our Rock n Roll show.  These folks LOVE to dance!

I don't know why, but I don't have any pictures from this show.  So, instead I will share a short video of the wonderful dancing:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jodar Winery Music on the Green #2

We played for Jodar Winery for the 2nd Music on the Green of 2011 and we had the BEST time ever!  This picture is of the band with Winery owners Vaughn and Joannie Jodar, the nicest people ever!

The setting at Jodar is beautiful.  They have a lush green lawn area surrounded by beautiful gardens.  And, they are right beside a lake. 

As the sun goes down, it's one of the prettiest places to be, anywhere! 

I wish I was better at getting names so I could tell you who everyone is in our photos.  Here is Steve talking to someone....usually about his harmonica playing.  There are a lot of people out there who play harmonica!

It doesn't take long for the dancing to start.

We feel so appreciated at Jodar, everyone is so nice.  They usually have a BBQ dinner and they always feed the band.  Mmmm.  It was really good.

Doesn't that look like fun?

As the night goes on and the wine flows, the party continues.  Lisa made a special desert and served it to everyone.

Dancing, dancing and more dancing!~

Earlier in the evening, owner Vaughn Jodar, told us he wasn't good at "public speaking".  But, he was wrong.  He took to the microphone like a pro!

Vaughn and his lovely wife Joannie.

We are already looking forward to next summer!!