Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deaver Vineyards and Winery

Playing at wineries is so much fun.  It was a beautiful day with warm temperatures and a nice breeze.  We were so happy that the winery put up some shade for us.  We had a great day!  

I love this picture!  Setting up and tearing down can be challenging!!

Mr. Rock n Roll!

We had a lot of people join us for some dancing.  There was also a large lawn area and we had a crowd out there most of the day.  

We were so happy to see so many of our friends come visit us.  One lady came all the way from Carmichael and this group is Catherine, her husband and her best friend.

We always have fun!!

It was also a funny day in that so many things kept happening.  We set up our video camera across from us to tape our show and the wind blew it down after only about 15 minutes.  We had to just leave it there and we got about and hour of our music in the background and the video part was of a pretty purple flowering tree.

About half way through the show, I looked over and Steve still had on his tan hat.  He thought he had on his black one!  Right after that he had a solo on his guitar and got flustered and forgot to turn it on.  The cool thing is that the band will just keep right on going no matter what and most people don't even know anything happened.

It was a great day and one of our favorite places to play.   We will be back for the Crush on October 2nd.  Come see us and taste the wonderful Deaver wines.

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