Monday, January 2, 2012


It's a brand new year and full of so many changes.  For the past two years, Steve and I have been playing almost every single weekend with John and Michael as Crystal Image.  It's been a wonderful experience in more ways than I can count.  You can read about the first year by clicking on my story "How I got here" at the top of this blog.  I was trying to think of my favorite times to recap, and I just can't.  Every gig was a favorite.  

I will always be grateful to John for all his mentoring.  I was so fortunate to have him teach me everything I know about music.  And I will miss that!  He is a gifted musician and an even more gifted teacher.  He can play almost any instrument really well.  I've enjoyed the stories about the many years and many memories he has of his long and vast musical career.  And, I look forward to continuing our friendship for many years to come.  

And, Michael....I appreciate him so very much for playing with us when we knew nothing and being so patient and caring.  Michael is so funny and fun to be around.  He is a talented guitar player and a wonderful singer.  I have so enjoyed performing with him and dancing on stage together!  I will also miss hearing him talk about food.  He is a wonderful cook and loves to talk about his latest recipe.  

And, then there is Jerry.  I have already missed Jerry for the past month when he went home back east to take care of his parents until his father passed away recently.  That right there just says so much about the character of this man.  From the first moment he joined us, I loved his energy and his drumming.  

For the past year the 5 of us have had many great experiences.  

As we all move forward, I am so thankful to keep these many happy memories with me!  

The future?  You can follow John and Michael with their new drummer Brian, who I have enjoyed gigging with these past few weeks.  Brian is a truly nice guy and a terrific drummer, and their trio is going to be awesome.  Jerry is back home now and I'm sure that he will be playing soon and I will let you know as soon as I know.  

Steve and I have started a new band, Stephanie Farrell and the Wild Katz.  We have been rehearsing for a while now and will be playing shows very soon.  In fact, we are available for booking right now, just let me know!!  If you want to get a taste of what's coming, visit our new website

When I look back on the past two years of performing, I CAN say without a doubt that one of my MOST favorite things is all the new friendships I have made at our shows.  I look forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends in 2012.  

Happy New Year to you!!  Best wishes for a fabulous year!!

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