Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pioeer Travel

I didn't know what to expect. We were invited to play for an open house at Pioneer Travel in Jackson. I knew that there would be limited room for us and that was true. I am personal friends with the ladies at Pioneer Travel and I really wanted it to be a success for them. They made some completely delicious food....mmmmm.

This yummy dish was prepared by Bernie Cramer, and she got this fabulous recipe from the Amador County Women's Network Cookbook! (shameless plug here!). They make great gifts and the proceeds go to scholarships for local teens.

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And they opened the doors to old friends and potential customers, it was very festive!
When we booked this event.....I thought that we should play only acoustic instruments at this show. Everyone knows that John can play the keyboards. What a lot of people don't know is that he plays many other instruments too....I don't even know how many. I do know that he can play the keyboard, bass, guitar (acoustic and electric), drums and harmonica. He can play a lot of others too...but these I know for sure. So, I wanted people to see him play guitar. And, I wanted to play guitar too. We never found the time to practice those things and so I just showed up and put myself in John's hands (as usual).

. This was a really fun show. John brought a small amp and we played everything through it, with a mixer. It was just the right volume. Acoustic instruments would not have even been heard when the people got there. We played soft music and provided a nice background for the event. I thought it was 'just right'.
I am going to stop thinking that I know what to do because I couldn't have been more wrong about this one. Whew.

I still think you will get to see John play his guitar and/or bass sometime in the future. In fact, Michael plays bass too! How cool would it be to see 3 different people play bass in our shows and 3 different people play guitar? I imagine everyone just tossing their instruments to each other like a game and just playing (not really....he he).

Thanks to Carolyn Fox for the wonderful pictures!
From left to right: Steve Farrell, Bernie Cramer, Pat Thurin, Stephanie Farrell and John Covert.

And, we had a great time with the Pioneer Travel folks and their guests.

For more information about Pioneer Travel, visit their website:

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