Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hotel Leger

It was  a night of friends, reunions and fun fun fun!!

We were honored to have Pat and Darcel there.  They are a fun couple! 

A bunch of Steve's high school classmates came to visit and catch up.  

It was Sue's Birthday!  I am so happy that she shared it with us!  This is a gal that can DANCE all night!!  I know this for sure because she DID that at my daughter's wedding.  Go Sue!

I had to get out and dance with my girlfriends!!   It was quite a surprise to see Susan. I knew that she had another event to go to and I knew that I would miss her.  Then she walked in with her daughter Amber.  Woo Hoo!  When she walks in it's like the party has arrived!  The next day we all went to the Steve Miller Concert at Ironstone.  What a fun night!  (more pictures on Facebook)

From left to right, Amber, Susan, Terry and me.  

A couple of friends of Michael's came up just to see the band.  They stayed the night.  The Hotel Leger IS a HOTEL!!   It was another birthday, Gloria, on the left. In her honor, Michael sang "Gloria".  It was soooo great.  And, we did the Birthday song for Gloria and Sue.

The guy in the white shirt celebrated his birthday.  We HAD to repeat the BIRTHDAY song just for him!  

Winding down.....current owners of the Hotel Leger far left, Darryl and Tracy Zellers.

Another Fun night at Hotel Leger.   Join us when we return on August 27th....we will ROCK you!

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