Saturday, October 1, 2011

A beautiful Wedding in a meadow

This was our last outdoor gig of the season.  And, it was a truly magical night.  

We got there very early so we could be set up before the guests arrived.  The couple was so nice to have rented a stage for us and we truly appreciated that.  They also had a dance floor.  Both of these are hard to install in a meadow with uneven ground, but the both worked out great.  

The ceremony was next to a pond and the bride asked Michael to play some acoustic music before the ceremony.  He is perfect for this.  If you haven't heard Michael sing James Taylor....oh's beautiful.  He was so thoughtful that his entire set told a love story and culminated in a song "And I Love Her" as the bride walked the aisle.  I get a little teary just remembering how pretty it all was.  I took a quick video clip of Michael singing and playing on my Iphone:

He did a great job, and I wish I had videotaped more of it. 

The wedding was held at a private residence and the guests arrived by bus, so there was a minimal of cars on the property.  We could hear and see a lot of different animals just across the fence.

The couple got married by the pond and had the reception across the road.  It was a beautiful setting for a wedding. Brittny was a stunning bride.  

 The are such a sweet couple

I have to say that Michael had superb timing.  He knew just what to play and when.  The bride trusted him to play what he thought was best and it just couldn't have been better in my opinion.

Pretty girls!

Doesn't she look so happy!

 The first dance. 

When the father daughter dance started, I looked over at the mother of the bride and she was crying so much that it reminded me of my own daughter's wedding.  Someone came up after and asked if I was related to the family.  I told him that I wasn't but that I am a "Mom" and I couldn't help feeling the emotion.  

Here they are dancing to "My Little Girl" by Tim Mc Graw, played on my ipod.

The mother son dance.  Such a special moment.

I just can't say enough about how pretty it was.  The tables were draped in black and white with red roses and candleabras.  It was very elegant.

The twinkle lights were strung all around the reception and as it got dark, it was so festive.  They did not have electricity out in this area, so they had generators for the lighting and the band.  We were a little stressed about running our equipment on the generators.  The alternative was to run a long extension cord across the road to the pump house.  The groom came over and let us know that the generators could barely handle the lights and he recommended the extension cord, which is what we did.  

As the night came upon us the folks started dancing.  My favorite thing!!

One really nice guy came up and asked us to play Tennessee Waltz.  It's one of my favorites and we did it for him.  He said that it was playing the night he proposed to his own bride and he wants us to play for their anniversary for 35 years.  Special.

We always bring our own lighting.  My invention!  We put our lights up high on our speakers with velcro.  One white and one red.  It's perfect.

A lady asked us to play some Greek music.  What?  We don't know any Greek music.  After a little discussion, Michael figured out that Reggae would do and we played "I Shot the Sheriff" while they did a Greek dance.

About halfway through the show, our music started to sound crackly.   Someone came up and told us that we blew a speaker.  That was freaky because one of the speakers is brand new and the other is nearly new!  We tested it all out a few days later and we couldn't find anything wrong with it.  We determined that it was probably the long extension cord going across the road and plugged in with the pump.  Anything else plugged in can affect the power going to us.

Towards the end of the night the buses came and picked up the folks and all that was left was the Bride, Groom and some friends.  We played one hard rock song after another and as they danced the dancefloor which was set on uneven ground started to come apart.  It struck me that they really did "tear up the dance floor!".

Packing up in the dark is always difficult.  We save our lights for last so they can help us see.  All of our stuff is black, so it would be very easy to miss something.  We pulled our cars up to help us see. 

It was a wonderful time.  I will miss the outdoor gigs. 

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