Friday, September 30, 2011

The Annex

The Annex is located in Sutter Creek in an Historic Building.  The main building is the American Exchange Hotel and the Annex is located in the downstairs area.   

Just two years ago, Steve and I visited John and Michael at their gig at the Annex.   They were playing with drummer Mike Cline.  We were both students of John, he invited us to come to their show.  I just came to watch and Steve was going to play his harmonica on a couple of songs.  Little did we know that we would participate in the entire gig.  I don't even remember how that happened.  But, it was a LOT of fun.  

Looking back on that day, I did NOT have any inkling that we would have been on the journey that the past two years has been.  So, it was really fun to be back there again with our band, complete with drummer Jerry!  We had a BLAST!

What a fun night.  This is my daughter singing along with us.

These gals were in town to celebrate a birthday, they were so much fun.

Catherine and Tim, a wonderful couple.  Catherine is none other than the popular novelist Catherine Burr!

New friends from the Napa area.

Family!  My son in law on the left, my youngest son in the middle and my dear daughter.  They were so sweet to show up and it was a complete surprise!

There was some serious dancing going on!

My guys!

We were celebrating Susan's birthday too!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Here she is with Terry.  My two favorite DANCERS!!  

Susan said I had a TWIN in the room and I looked all over for someone who looked like me.  She meant my daughter of course!  I call her "mini me"....hope she doesn't mind!  We are so alike.

This place has a very cozy atmosphere with original brick walls.  They have pool tables and a dance floor.  We'll be back on November 19th...join in on the fun!!

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