Saturday, November 5, 2011

A fun party and a sad goodbye....

We played for the FFA again this year.  It was last year at this same gig that we played with drummer Jerry for the first time.  We all had commitments through the end of the year and he became a permanent member of our band in Jan 2011.  But, it was at this gig that we all knew that he was the perfect fit for us.  So, that made this gig an anniversary of sorts.  

 And as fate would have it, this was Jerry's LAST gig with us too.  His parents need his help and he has moved back east for a time to take care of them.  We had the best time ever!  No sadness...just the joy of playing together for one last time. 

They offered us dinner, mmmm mmm mmm, very good!

We wanted to be all set up before the people started arriving, which meant that we would have to wait a while to play.  

The Weatherbys, very nice people!

Lots of dancing!

Our last band picture with Jerry.  We sure miss him!

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