Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Just a little over a week ago, I had no idea if I would have a way to continue to perform.  I put out the word that I was looking for people to join my band....and magically, 3 great guys showed up.  The are all 3 very talented PROS and super nice people.  We have already had our first practice and we are well on our way!  I can't wait to share more.....and believe me I will!  Thank you for checking in....gotta go play with my granddaughters right now...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The next chapter....

Pause.  Deep breath.  Ok.  Here I go....I'm starting a new band with my hubby.  Is that crazy?  

I've been holding on to some hope for the past weeks that things would work out with my current band, but it's over for sure.  And, I don't want to stop performing.  That means we have to start something new.  

If you know anyone who is looking for a band, please share our information with them:  We are hoping to be ready to play in January.  (fingers crossed!)

John and Michael will continue as Crystal Image with new band members.  

I still love them both (and Jerry too!) and we are having a great time at our last few shows.  We are all still friends, really.  

I will keep you updated as we go along.....thanks to anyone who follows this blog....from my heart...I appreciate you!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Corvette Club Party

What a fun party....with a great group of people.  We had such a great time!!  

We were delighted to get to play on a really nice stage with plenty of room.  As we were setting up, this young man met Steve and as they got to talking, it turns out that he was visiting from Texas and really wants to get in to the music business.  He was so sweet.  He was really interested in all of our equipment and later on in the evening, I saw him watching our show from the door way.  I wish I could remember his name!

Before we started our show, they had a special surprise for the group.  A belly dancer performed and she was fabulous!!  Her name is ....wait for it.....Crystal!  How about that? 

She gave a wonderful performance.

And she even persuaded some of the guests to dance with her!

This is Brian who came in to replace Jerry.  He's a really nice guy and a really good drummer.

There was a lot of dancing and tons of fun.  But what would you expect from Corvette owners?  

It was such an honor to play for this group.  They made us feel so appreciated!

As the evening progressed, we turned up the Rock N Roll.

Doin the Locomotion!

They gave us the biggest compliment of all by staying until the last song.  It was one of those thoroughly satisfying nights for us.  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A fun party and a sad goodbye....

We played for the FFA again this year.  It was last year at this same gig that we played with drummer Jerry for the first time.  We all had commitments through the end of the year and he became a permanent member of our band in Jan 2011.  But, it was at this gig that we all knew that he was the perfect fit for us.  So, that made this gig an anniversary of sorts.  

 And as fate would have it, this was Jerry's LAST gig with us too.  His parents need his help and he has moved back east for a time to take care of them.  We had the best time ever!  No sadness...just the joy of playing together for one last time. 

They offered us dinner, mmmm mmm mmm, very good!

We wanted to be all set up before the people started arriving, which meant that we would have to wait a while to play.  

The Weatherbys, very nice people!

Lots of dancing!

Our last band picture with Jerry.  We sure miss him!