Friday, April 15, 2011

Asparagus Festival

This was my second year to play for the Asparagus Festival.   I was looking forward to it for quite some time!   I remember thinking last year that not a lot of people saw us there at the time, because it doesn't look crowded from up on stage.  But, all year, people have told me that they saw us there. So, this year...I knew!

The stage manager remembered us from last year, and everyone was so nice to us.  We were the first act, so we didn't have quite the mad rush to get set up as we did last year.  

It was so nice to have Jerry with us too!  Last year we used the drum machine....and it's just not the same!!

Michael's wife, Marty offered to come and video tape for us...YAHOO!  And, she is a very talented photographer as well.  So, we have a very well documented gig!  Thank you Marty!  We LOVE YOU!!  I wish I could insert a picture of Marty here!!  

We were delighted to see many of our Stockton friends show up to see us.  What an honor.  

We gave out lots of cards and even signed a few pictures for some really nice people.  

There were two ladies right down in front that were just lovin everything.  They were there last year!  In the same spot!!  I talked to them and they were just sooo nice.  They come from Oakland every year.

It had been so cold and rainy for weeks, and this day was just beautiful  Sunny and warm, perfect!

I think my favorite moment was when I noticed a fellow off to the side. He was just loving the music.  He was standing beside the rail that overlooked the river.  He set his cane on the rail and danced and sang along.  I just loved that!  

We had the most fun.  What a great day.  

Here is a little bit of our show on video for you:

Jerry and Michael parked their cars outside of town, because we could only bring in two cars.  Here we are heading back after a wonderful day. 

Sure hope we can do it again next year!!

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