Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jackson Clean it Green it Day

We were so lucky to get to play for this wonderful event.  When Corinne and Larry were visiting from Canada, Corinne heard about this event and recommended us.  I followed up and we were hired!  Thanks Corinne!!  

It was rainy all the way up to this particular weekend, and we had some big concerns about playing outside, as did the organizers of the event!  But, we just had to go on faith that it would all turn out, and IT DID!!

Before the day, John went over to Detert Park and checked for possible places for us to set up.  The place that the band played last year was too small for us and we needed a level area.  A lot of people don't realize how much planning it takes to set all of our gear up.  The drummer and keyboard need a level area, preferably not on dirt or grass. I don't care to stand on dirt or grass either!  There happens to be a big cement stage at the park, but it was too far away from the event, so that was out.  John spotted a big cement area with a flag in the middle, still a ways from the festivities but we decided this would be our best bet.

It was a very difficult set up, we kept joking that the flag pole needed to be removed!  So, we set up all around it.  The problem is that the people on either side of it, could not hear each other.  Even with the monitors.  Jerry could not hear Michael and Steve.  So, he ended up skipping most of the songs that he sings.

We saw our friends from the Farmer's Market and they asked us to play for the opening day, which we are going to do!!!

Friends of John:

The folks cleaned up Jackson and Bank of Amador fed them!  They made a great big plate of food for the band before they left and we ate then we were starving!!  Thanks Bank of Amador!!

The event was a success and we had a great time entertaining the folks!  It was a joint effort with Amador County and the City of Jackson.  They did an awesome job of pulling it all together.  Mike Daly took this picture of the band:  (thanks Mike)

Notice Steve's new "toy", his red guitar makes it's first public appearance.

And, a little video of the day:

Mike said that he would like to have us back again next year and we would LOVE to it again!!

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