Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rockin the Hotel Leger

We had a really fun night at the Hotel Leger.  We are so blessed to be invited back each month and it's such a great feeling each time we return.  This is truly one of our all time favorite places to play.  It's a very cool bar with a lot of history, the staff is so friendly....everyone feels welcome, and the crowd is always completely FUN!!  

Shawn and Stephanie behind the bar....we LOVE you guys!!

We are always happy to see folks from our email list.  We had a bunch of folks that came to our Hippie Party last month show up to the Hotel Leger.  They didn't think I would recognize them without their costumes...but I did!!  

Susan and her friends came....and that means DANCING!!!  Thanks Susan, for all your support.  You guys are the greatest!

Suzette, Susan and Terry
Gotta Dance!
John Covert

We ran in to some neighbors we hadn't seen since they moved years ago!!

l-r John, Stephanie, Steve, Jerry, Michael

Jerry Tamburino
Just looking at these pictures and remembering the fun....I'm ready to play there again right now!  Mark your calendar for May 28th and come see for yourself!! 

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