Friday, December 2, 2011

I feel like I'm 2 different people

When it comes to music, sometimes I am completely confident.  I feel like I know how things need to be and what needs to be done to make them happen.  Then in a flash, I feel completely insecure and ask myself "what the heck am I doing??".  Have you ever felt that way before? 

And, then there is the fact that I am literally in two different bands right now.  Crystal Image, the band that I have been in for the past 2 years and my new band that is my future (we haven't settled on a name yet...any ideas?).  In Crystal Image, I know what is expected of me and I'm comfortable. 

The new band has members that are incredible!  These guys are PROS and it shows.  We had one practice and as I listened back to the recordings, I was amazed at how quickly they were able to make things work.  This is all very exciting.  I realized yesterday that I need to be careful what I say to people.  If I don't sound confident, I wouldn't want my new band to think that I don't have faith in them, it's myself that I have doubts I heard myself talking to someone yesterday and I realized that from this moment forward I have to have complete confidence because these guys deserve that.  It's not fair to them for me to be the least bit wimpy.  So there.   Enough of that!!

And then there is Crystal Image.  I am very glad that we had this amount of time to play together before it was over.  It's been a roller coaster for sure.  Jerry had to leave and a new drummer, Brian (who is very nice and an excellent drummer) took his place.  I had to accept that they had replaced me with another girl and I found that pretty tough.  And after all of that emotion, the replacement girl is now out of the picture.  If she had quit sooner, things may have turned out differently....but God knows best and I think that things are happening the way that they were meant to.  We (Crystal Image) are having some of our best shows EVER.  And we are having fun.  At this moment we have 9 gigs left.  

And while we are playing these 9 gigs, my new band is practicing to be ready to play asap.  So, it can be confusing.   I'm looking forward to keeping the songs that I have enjoyed performing for the past 2 years and adding a whole lot of new ones too!  Steve will be singing more (I think he's really good!) and our new guitarist is an excellent performer/singer/guitarist.  We hope to be ready to play mid January. We have another practice soon and I hope to have pictures and songs to put on a new website soon.  I can't wait to introduce my new band members to everyone!

If you are reading this...I thank you!!  I have made some really good friends over the past 2 years with Crystal Image and I look forward to keeping those friendships and starting new ones too!  


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