Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lodi Moose Christmas Dinner Dance

We had a blast at the Lodi Moose! It was such an honor to have so many of our band friends come just to see us! The Lodi Moose has a huge hall with a very large dance floor, so it's a great place for a dinner dance. And the place was packed!!

We started with some soft music while they ate dinner and later on we really ROCKED them!

I chose to wear this dress, because I love it and I've only worn it a couple of times.

Someone came up and told me she has the same dress! I told her that this is my MOB dress. (Mother of the Bride) and she said hers was too!!! That was funny.

A lady came up to me and said that it was nice to see me smiling and happy. What? I think I'm always happy. She told me that I didn't smile as much when we were there for Halloween. Wow. That took me right back. She was right. I wasn't happy at all. I knew that I wasn't going to be in Crystal Image anymore and I was heartbroken. It's hard to smile and act happy when you are so sad. It reminds me how far I've come since then. And, I'm truly happy right now. Yes, I'm sad to see my time with Crystal Image come to an end, but I did everything I could to fix that and it was not meant to be. I love the guys without a doubt and I will miss them so much. So, I'm not sad anymore and I apologize if it showed, I never meant for that to be the case.

Brian was so excited to try out his brand new drum set. It's beautiful and he has every reason to be proud of it!

Michael says he will miss dancing with me on stage. I will miss that too! He always makes it so much fun!

I wish I was one of those people who could remember names!! I feel so bad when I can't. I remember this guys name, Tom Jones. Unless he was kidding. I said I wouldn't forget that! They are great dancers. And, I really mean that. I have videotaped them many times so you could see for yourself.

Karen and Deiter (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong!). They are so sweet! And, they gave us each a Christmas Card. Karen said she would have baked us cookies if she hadn't broken her wrist. I'm sorry for her pain, but my waistline is grateful....I happen to know her cookies are very yummy!

John has caught a cold and was having a hard time singing. For the last set, he lost his voice completely and we scrambled to fill in. So, there was more Rock N Roll than usual....and they LOVED it!

Another fun couple who LOVES to dance!

Girlfriends! Barbara and Laura.

It was a sweet and special night, playing music for wonderful people, a Christmas blessing and memories that I will cherish.

The people here are so appreciate and complimentary. It makes all of us feel so special.

Well, what is a Moose Lodge without a Moose? You gotta love this pic!

And, the countdown continues. Only 3 more gigs to the final one.

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