Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rockin the Hotel Leger

We had a really fun night at the Hotel Leger.  We are so blessed to be invited back each month and it's such a great feeling each time we return.  This is truly one of our all time favorite places to play.  It's a very cool bar with a lot of history, the staff is so friendly....everyone feels welcome, and the crowd is always completely FUN!!  

Shawn and Stephanie behind the bar....we LOVE you guys!!

We are always happy to see folks from our email list.  We had a bunch of folks that came to our Hippie Party last month show up to the Hotel Leger.  They didn't think I would recognize them without their costumes...but I did!!  

Susan and her friends came....and that means DANCING!!!  Thanks Susan, for all your support.  You guys are the greatest!

Suzette, Susan and Terry
Gotta Dance!
John Covert

We ran in to some neighbors we hadn't seen since they moved years ago!!

l-r John, Stephanie, Steve, Jerry, Michael

Jerry Tamburino
Just looking at these pictures and remembering the fun....I'm ready to play there again right now!  Mark your calendar for May 28th and come see for yourself!! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jackson Clean it Green it Day

We were so lucky to get to play for this wonderful event.  When Corinne and Larry were visiting from Canada, Corinne heard about this event and recommended us.  I followed up and we were hired!  Thanks Corinne!!  

It was rainy all the way up to this particular weekend, and we had some big concerns about playing outside, as did the organizers of the event!  But, we just had to go on faith that it would all turn out, and IT DID!!

Before the day, John went over to Detert Park and checked for possible places for us to set up.  The place that the band played last year was too small for us and we needed a level area.  A lot of people don't realize how much planning it takes to set all of our gear up.  The drummer and keyboard need a level area, preferably not on dirt or grass. I don't care to stand on dirt or grass either!  There happens to be a big cement stage at the park, but it was too far away from the event, so that was out.  John spotted a big cement area with a flag in the middle, still a ways from the festivities but we decided this would be our best bet.

It was a very difficult set up, we kept joking that the flag pole needed to be removed!  So, we set up all around it.  The problem is that the people on either side of it, could not hear each other.  Even with the monitors.  Jerry could not hear Michael and Steve.  So, he ended up skipping most of the songs that he sings.

We saw our friends from the Farmer's Market and they asked us to play for the opening day, which we are going to do!!!

Friends of John:

The folks cleaned up Jackson and Bank of Amador fed them!  They made a great big plate of food for the band before they left and we ate then we were starving!!  Thanks Bank of Amador!!

The event was a success and we had a great time entertaining the folks!  It was a joint effort with Amador County and the City of Jackson.  They did an awesome job of pulling it all together.  Mike Daly took this picture of the band:  (thanks Mike)

Notice Steve's new "toy", his red guitar makes it's first public appearance.

And, a little video of the day:

Mike said that he would like to have us back again next year and we would LOVE to it again!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Asparagus Festival

This was my second year to play for the Asparagus Festival.   I was looking forward to it for quite some time!   I remember thinking last year that not a lot of people saw us there at the time, because it doesn't look crowded from up on stage.  But, all year, people have told me that they saw us there. So, this year...I knew!

The stage manager remembered us from last year, and everyone was so nice to us.  We were the first act, so we didn't have quite the mad rush to get set up as we did last year.  

It was so nice to have Jerry with us too!  Last year we used the drum machine....and it's just not the same!!

Michael's wife, Marty offered to come and video tape for us...YAHOO!  And, she is a very talented photographer as well.  So, we have a very well documented gig!  Thank you Marty!  We LOVE YOU!!  I wish I could insert a picture of Marty here!!  

We were delighted to see many of our Stockton friends show up to see us.  What an honor.  

We gave out lots of cards and even signed a few pictures for some really nice people.  

There were two ladies right down in front that were just lovin everything.  They were there last year!  In the same spot!!  I talked to them and they were just sooo nice.  They come from Oakland every year.

It had been so cold and rainy for weeks, and this day was just beautiful  Sunny and warm, perfect!

I think my favorite moment was when I noticed a fellow off to the side. He was just loving the music.  He was standing beside the rail that overlooked the river.  He set his cane on the rail and danced and sang along.  I just loved that!  

We had the most fun.  What a great day.  

Here is a little bit of our show on video for you:

Jerry and Michael parked their cars outside of town, because we could only bring in two cars.  Here we are heading back after a wonderful day. 

Sure hope we can do it again next year!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Groovy Hippie Party

Were you at the big Hippie Party?  It was packed!  Most of  the people had on costumes and it was hard to recognize our friends!  Thomi's was a wonderful place to have it at, they were terrific!  Thanks to Frank and Thomi and the staff for taking such great care of us!

We all put a lot of effort in to producing this show, we worked on it for months ahead of time.  Steve and I went in to overdrive on the marketing, you could hardly go anyplace in town without seeing a poster!  John created a terrific light show and our friend Dennis ran it for us (thanks Dennis!).

We brought the bus that Martie gave us at her birthday party and it was a huge hit!  If you took any pictures that night, I hope you will share them with me!

Mary helped us at the door, I don't know what we would have done without her!  (thanks Mary!).  We sold tickets at the door, but most of them were sold ahead of time.  Thanks to Thomi's, Hein & Co. Book Store and Motherlode Music for ticket sales.

When the day finally arrived we were all so excited it was electric.  This was Jerry's first Hippie Party and he brought the vintage tapestries that were on the stage.  He also brought the band vintage pins that were soooo cool.

We decorated the room, Steve made some big signs to put around on the walls that were very cool.  One of our guests even asked to take one home as a souvenir!

Mike Charran, a friend of John's volunteered to take video of the show and we are so grateful for that.   He did an awesome job and now we have video to share with YOU!!

At the last minute, a friend of ours (Marla) called to let us know about a very talented young magician and juggler in our neighborhood and we thought he would fit in perfectly with our show.  A very special thanks to Cody for your mystical entertainment.

The costumes were fabulous!  I just loved everyone's creativity.  Some people you wouldn't even recognize (including my hubby!).

 The dance floor was packed all night!

One fun thing about a Hippie Party...there are no strangers!  Everyone is a friend.

The light show was just terrific. It made the experience so much more!!

Our "Best Dressed".  We also had a "Best Couple", but we were all too busy dancing to pause for a picture.  

Thanks to Mike, we have some wonderful video to remember the night by.  I condensed over an hour down to just over 10 minutes.  Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who came.  It was a truly magical, GROOVY and Far OUT that we will all remember forever!  


Friday, April 8, 2011

Stockton Singles....dancing!

Stockton Singles is always a fun gig. We play different music than most of our gigs.  For this group, we focus on songs for dancing.  What kind of dancing?  All kinds!!  Cha Cha, Rhumba, Swing, Waltz.  And....Line Dancing:

Here's a sample of what you won't hear at our Rock shows:

Dieter and Karen came!  It's always so great to see them.  They make us feel so appreciated.  In fact, this whole group makes us feel that way!

They always take a break for a raffle. After the raffle, we pick up the pace a little.

And, things get WILD!  


I'm already looking forward to coming back!!