Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Great weekend!

Friday night we played for Gold Country Lanes in Jackson. It's a lounge area connected to the bowling alley. It has a great atmosphere and we had a really fun time. We played with drummer, Chuck Procopio. Chucks a great drummer and a great guy. We love to look behind us to see him smiling.

Owner, John Swift, is working hard to give the place a new look and make it a real "hot spot". I was in the parking lot during a break and I over heard someone on their cellphone. They said to whoever they were talking to come down because the place was ....I think he said "hoppin" or "Hot" or was good! Congrats to John and thanks for having us!

We will return to Gold Country Lanes Oct 30 for a Halloween Bash. We will be in costume, so YOU come in yours!! And, you will have to wait to see what we are coming dressed as. No, not Hippies...that would be too easy!!

Saturday we were privileged to play for Jodar Winery in Placerville, actually the Camino area. This wine tasting room is situated right next to a beautiful lake. They have a lovely lawn area. We had to figure out a good way to set up. John needed his keyboards and chair to be on the cement area, but there was a huge bush right in the way. So, all evening, he was the voice behind the bush!!

We played with Michael Bowers, an excellent drummer. He is also a great singer. I can't imagine how he is able to sing and play drums at the same time, but he is a real pro!

Jodar had a BBQ catered and they fed the band. MMMmmmm yummy! What a treat. And, when you add some of that delicious Jodar wine....even better!

We made some new friends. And, when Steve was inviting folks to be on our email list, he said that there were at least 6 that came because of our email list. Yay! Thanks for coming. It makes us all so happy!

What could be better than the sun setting on the lake, making fun music and watching everyone dance and have a great time?? This is why we love to do this!

When we set up and take down, we have a system and everyone helps. It was a real challenge to pack up in the dark! We were so lucky that a friend of Michael's had a spot light in his truck. That helped. My hubby, Steve, always comes prepared and had a flashlight headband. So, I don't think we left anything behind. I guess we will find out at our next gig!

We are always working on new songs and anything to make our show better. Check back often and I will keep you filled in on all the latest!

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