Friday, August 27, 2010


Looking forward to a great weekend. Private party at a fun resort tonight...heard that they love to ROCK! Yay!! And tomorrow, a free concert in Arnold at Cedar Center Park.

20% chance of rain? What? No!! Rain is not good when you are surrounded by electrical equipment. Last year Steve and I showed up to this same concert and it was one of our our first experiences in playing with the band. Larry and Corinne were still here (sure do miss them!!). And we met Marty (Michael's wife) for the first time. I remember being really nervous, and every time I looked at Marty, she was smiling so reminded me that this was FUN!

It was raining off and on that day too. We almost didn't go on with the concert. But, in the end it cleared up and was a beautiful night! Wish I had some pictures. If I find some, I will post them.

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