Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stockton Singles Club

Our band loves to play for the Stockton Singles Club. They love to dance and have a great time. There are couples there too, and many of them met at the dances.

We play some great songs at these dances that we do not play at a rock show. Some oldies and standards that are a joy to perform. The club has a couple of special dances that are meant to get everyone mingling, like the Waterfall and the Over & Under. I love watching them dance from the stage. It's great.

This wonderful couple is Deter and Karen.

They have been following John and Michael for years. When Steve and I joined the band we got to know them and just LOVE them both!!

I met this couple at our last show there. Ruth and Paul.

Paul is a WWII Veteran. When I thanked him for his service, he let me know that he has not heard that very often. This makes me a little sad....we should all thank our service men and women for their many sacrifices....just my opinion. Anyway, we got to talking and he is a great guy! Ninety two years young, he has lots of stories. Sad to know that we are losing so many from this Greatest Generation. It was a joy to spend our evening with such wonderful folks.

Before the evening started, someone asked John if he could figure out the thermostat for air conditioning...it was getting pretty warm in there. Well I was sure that I could fix it, so I marched right over there. I pushed all the buttons, read all the instructions (the ones I could see anyway...such tiny writing!), but nothing worked. Steve tried, still nothing. Finally, someone was able to fix it!

We were so happy to use our new monitors! It was great to be able to hear ourselves.

I call Michael "Mr. Rock N Roll". He looks the part for sure!

And he really knows how to ROCK IT!

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