Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steve's High School Reunion

This was a surreal evening for me and Steve. Our band played for his high school reunion. Since we have only been in the band for less than a year, most folks didn't know about it and were surprised. The Hall that the event was held in was large and very loud. There was so much echo in the building that when it was filled with people, the sound was a ROAR and you had to yell to be heard. Imagine adding in live music to that! Wow. We had all of our settings at the lowest possible and still it was deafening. So, we just made the best of it.

We attended the event as guests and as band members. When we got there and I realized that we would be standing around visiting for 2 hours and then playing for 3....I immediately wanted to just go sit and save my feet!! Steve was everywhere, visiting with his old friends. He knew EVERYONE! While I too attended this high school, it was only for a short time and I didn't really know that many people. But, I met some great folks that I look forward to getting to know them better!

It was fun to surprise the group with our performance. I don't know what they were expecting, but we did our best and it looked to me that they were having a good time.

This is Mike Clark. He sang "Born to be Wild" with lyrics written on a napkin. Man...he ROCKED IT!! Mike was in a band in high school and played for many of the dances, so I know everyone enjoyed his performance.

Mike is currently in a band called "Buffalo Country" in Nevada, where he lives. I got a cd from his wife Nancy and they are REALLY good!!

If it looks like we are having fun....it's because we are!! Our drummer for this gig was Donny, he did a great job keeping the beat! I love this photo of Michael, ROCKIN it once again!

Based on my hair in this picture, I would guess that this is Roll Over Beethoven...one of my favorites! No matter how tired I might get, this song always gets me going...I just love it!!

We used our new monitors at this gig, but honestly with all the echoes, it didn't help all that much, we couldn't hear anything!! During our break, Michael walked me over to the speakers and you could hear the crowd coming out through our PA system. What? Just noise everywhere.

It was like a high school dance with all the favorite songs of our time and everyone dancing and having fun!

It was such an honor to be able to do this show. Steve and I are so grateful to get to play with John (who makes it all happen) and Michael (who is a true pro!). They are the reason we are able to be in a band and we absolutely KNOW how lucky we are to be playing with them!!

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