Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gold Country Lanes and a special announcement...

Wow, so much is happening right now and we are on fast forward!  We had a great time at Gold Country Lanes this past Saturday.  Thanks to all of our friends who came out to have fun with us, and thanks to our NEW friends too!

Saturday was 1 week and two days since my surgery.  I was feeling pretty good, not all the way better, but I really wanted to be at the show.  This lady, Tammy (center), came over and asked me about the surgery.  I met her at the hospital!!  She brought friends with her and danced the night away.

I made it through the whole show, but I didn't have any energy at all when it was over.  I can't wait to feel like myself again....hopefully this weekend!!

I missed the New Year's show and with Christmas, it felt like a year since I was with the band.  It was so great to be back in the groove!

We are always soooo excited to see our friends when we play.  It means the world to us when you come to see us!

One of our special friends...Lou, asked Michael to dance with her.  Of course!!

Our Drummer for the night was Jerry.  He is a fantastic drummer and he just made it more fun for us than ever!  .
Not the best picture...I'll blame Steve for that!

Over the past year, we have been so very fortunate to play with several great drummers.  We love them all.   But, they all had other bands that they played with and sometimes we had difficulty even finding a drummer to play with us!  Soooo...
Now for the announcement....Jerry has agreed to be our "permanent" drummer.  All of us in the band feel so LUCKY to have him.  Jerry was the drummer for the popular band "The Detours".  He is (as I said) a great drummer, and he is a wonderful person too!  In December you will recognize him as Santa Claus.  And, now you know what Santa does the rest of the year!  Jerry lives in the Sacramento area, but when he heard that Michael is from Brooklyn, he shared his New Jersey roots and the two of them can go on and on!  Come meet Jerry this weekend and say hello.  (Stockton Singles Friday and Hotel Leger Saturday)

A guy came up to Steve and said his name was Louie, and asked us to play "Louie Louie".  That song is not on our play list.  But, that didn't stop us (thanks mostly to John).  Here is a little sample:

It was a really fun night.  I will leave you with a taste of Rock N Roll until we see you again:

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