Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hometown Gig

It feels like "home"!  Steve and I live just a few miles up the road from the Hotel Leger.  What a treat to only have a few minutes there and back!!  Since we have lived here a long time....we have always called it the Hotel Leger (sounds like lee-jay).  But, so many people call it the Hotel Leger (led-ger).  So, which is it?

I see Susan and Suzette and the rest of the gang....I love you guys sooo much!!  If I was not in the band, I would be out on the dance floor with the the WHOLE NIGHT!  Oh Yeah!

Every time we play for the Hotel Leger, it's different, we never know what to expect!  But, one thing we can count on is a REALLY FUN TIME!!  And, lots of dancing....and lots of friends!

My daughter and her good friend.

There were several birthdays and we did the Beatles "Birthday Song" for them.

It's a long night that goes TOO FAST!  

Our drummer Jerry was the main singer for the popular band "The Detours", so you will be hearing him more and more.  I just love this song and it was stuck in my head (in a good way) all week....enjoy:

Thank you to the Hotel Leger for having us ...and come see us there again on  February 19th!  

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