Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eldorado Saloon

What a fun place!!  The Eldorado Saloon was full of people from the time we got there up to the time we left!  We had some great food and the people were so nice.
Lots of our Band friends came out to see us.  

Betty and Gary brought their daughter Vickie and her daughter Sarah (?did I get that right?)

Really nice people.  It's always so great to see friends!!
Here is a friend of mine, Beth.  She brought a few people with her too!  I think that Beth's Sister in Law actually rode the bull!  

Speaking of the fun!  It's crazy!!  I am amazed at the the folks who rode the bull.

 There were lot's of fun people all night partying with us!  
And, there was dancing!

 And dancing....
 And dancing....
Here's why:

Steve wanted ME to get on the bull just for a picture.  I couldn't even figure out how to get on!!  So, he jumped up there himself.  They didn't turn it on...wouldn't that have been interesting??  John decided not to climb up on the platform, which was like a trampoline, very bouncy and hard to walk here we are:

We could have played all night, actually it seemed like all night...we stopped around 1:30am.  And right about then it decided to rain.  And, by rain I mean POURING rain!  Whew.  We were pretty much drenched at the end.  We got home around 4am...what?  Yep.  That's right.  

If you are in the area of El Dorado Hills, check out the Eldorado Saloon.  And, if you ride the bull, please post a video on Facebook!!  Did you know that we are on Facebook?

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