Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hotel Leger...we're back!!

All of us in the band look forward to playing at the Hotel Leger.  It's such a fun place, very unique, the folks are all so friendly and nice and it's close to home.  

We never know what to expect at the Hotel Leger, we've had a hip hop crowd one night, pirates it could be anything!!  But, this particular weekend was very stormy.  In fact the power at our house was out for four days!  I actually got ready in the dark!!  Scary!  

When we got there, it was pretty quiet.  I wondered if anyone would come!!  

This sweet couple came.  They are getting married and wanted to hear us before booking us for their wedding.  They drove all the way from the Roseville area.  And, YES!  Wear are going to play for their wedding.  It's gonna be great!  Meet Britnny & Nathan:

Susan and Cyn came with a friend!  I was worried about Susan driving home in the weather...but she is a country girl and can take care of herself!!  LOVE IT!  These girls love to dance....I love to dance...we all love to dance!

We met some new ladies who joined us for dancing....they made quick friends with Susan and Cyn and hopefully we will see them again!

Another couple came up from the valley to see us....I didn't get a picture though..darn.  They had only seen us as "Hippies" before, so they were surprised that we had an entire different show.  Yep.  Sometimes we are Hippies, sometimes we are an Oldies band, sometimes we are Rock N Roll!  This night was ALL about the Rock n Roll and DANCING!

Here is a little taste for you:

These girls have been here fact, I think we sang happy birthday to them last time!!  They are both so pretty and they can really DANCE!   Oh to be young again.  The girl in the white loves to sing and she seems to know all the words to the songs!  I love that!  She joined in with us for a few choruses.

You know...these days us girls don't really need to wait for a guy to ask us to dance...we just dance with each other!!  So, it's kinda brave for a fellow to get out there!

They stayed to the very end and we decided to take a group picture.  The guy who took the photo had just a few and maybe even a couple too many, so that was fun, he kept taking "joke" pictures!!  He he. 
But in the end he took a great shot:

Til next time....we will be back at the Hotel Leger March 26th....See you then!!

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