Sunday, February 20, 2011

Benefit for Paula Manson

Originally, John was going to perform solo for this.  When I was telling Steve about it he really wanted to join in.  So, we both joined John for the event.  We played as a trio, and of course we missed Michael and Jerry.  We only played a short set and were followed by two really great musicians, Bruce Dixon and Manny Sosa.  They both play acoustic guitar and sing.  It was just great!  We provided the PA system for everyone and it all worked out great.  Manny showed up pretty much "last minute", because Scott Berian had to work.  That was really classy of Scott to find a replacement and nice of Manny to do it.  And, poor Bruce, he really wasn't feeling all that great, but he still sounded terrific.  It was a great effort by everyone.  And, it was a successful event.

This is Louise, a friend the we know from Volcano Telephone Company.  It was her lovely daughter, Melanie who organized the whole thing.  We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Melanie!

There was plenty of food!  And, the goodies were mmmm mmmm good.  This guy was great at handing out the treats.  You simply could not say "no".

Here is Melanie, the organizer of the event, with Paula.  Paula has cancer and is having a difficult time, the benefit was in her honor.

Lot's of prizes!

We'll call this the musicians table.  That's me with Manny and Gwen.  Gwen wrote a great article and posted some pictures and video on her Facebook page, "Amador Music Hub".  Because we played as a Trio and not our entire band, I took the liberty of wearing something non black.  Well I wore mostly black.  When I saw the pictures, I remembered why I don't wear this jean coat.  Ugh.  I did not like the way it looked at all.  Anybody want it?

There was a guy wearing this hat.  My hubby, Steve, was very taken with this hat.  He asked the fellow where he got it so Steve could get one for our son who also served in the Navy.  Sometime later, they guy simply took the hat off and gave it to Steve.  I will tell you that he was very touched....and he will not be happy for me to tell you this...but there were tears involved.  (no worries...he doesn't read this blog I'm safe).  Some people are just so nice.  

The raffle went on for a long time, these girls were so precious and excited to hand out the prizes.  No one at our table won anything...darn.  But, that's not why we were there anyway...right?

It was a great experience, we had a wonderful time.  And, it's always a treat to hear other musicians play. And, we were happy to be able to help with such a good cause.

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  1. RIP Paula....I'll never forget your smile, your laugh, and your good nature.