Saturday, February 26, 2011

We love ELKS!

Last year, John and Michael played for the Rancho Cordova Elks as a duo.  And, they loved the duo....OF COURSE!  John and Michael alone can seem like an entire band!  When they wanted the duo back, we decided to bring the entire band, because this is the only way we want to play.  All of us together!!  This was a surprise for the Elks, a little "bonus".   And, they were so happy!

They have a wonderful, spacious stage with ...wait for ELK!  Woo Hoo!  Jerry and the Elk got along fine.  

We played a variety of music for the people and when it came to line dancing.....they were awesome!

This is Bob and he was our Host.  I wish I could remember his title, it was pretty fabulous!  Bob was insistent that they book us for New Year's Eve.  What?  It's only February!!  Didn't we just have New Year's Eve?  Let me tell you that Bob is pretty persuasive.  We fell in love with the people, they made us feel so appreciated.  I can't imagine a better place to ring in the New Year.  So, we booked it!  Thanks Bob.

I hope that we will be seeing lots of the RC Elks before New Year's Eve, we had a great time.  After the show, we visited with Elmer at the bar and he is a fun and funny guy.  If I lived closer and wasn't booked every weekend I would want to be a member and go every weekend.  

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