Saturday, February 5, 2011

We love to play for private parties.  This party was a retirement party in Manteca.  When we got there, we found out that there was easy access to the stage from the back.  And, what did we find in the back of the building?  This great mural!  Steve set the camera on a timer so he could be in the picture too.
The decorations were spectacular!  The person retiring was a high school teacher in the ag dept and an avid race car driver.  All the decorations were race car related.  

The stage area was great!  It's nice to have enough room, sometimes we are really crammed in to small spaces.   

We got there way before the guests.  We didn't want to be setting up while they were eating dinner. There was a lot of time to kill before we played, so we went out to eat.

At a VERY fancy place!

And the part we LOVE...playing music!

Somebody came up and grabbed Steve's camera to take this picture.  They could probably tell that he is hardly ever IN any of the pics!

There were people coming up to the mic to tell funny stories about him and give him presents.  

There was a lot of dancing!

Several people came up to tell John that they remembered Crystal Image from the 1970's.  He played in this very hall back then and they were there!!  How cool is that?

At the end, they started popping all of the balloons.  That got a little wild!  There were a LOT of balloons!

Great show!!

Great people!! 

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