Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sierra Belles

John and I played some soft background music for the Sierra Belles luncheon. What a great group of gals. They have FUN!

The President of the group read aloud from "The Night Before Christmas", a very special treat.

Someone requested a waltz. This lady is from Europe (Austria?) and her dear daughter was at the luncheon and had never seen her mother waltz. A friend of hers requested the song and danced with her. I grabbed my camera and filmed them while singing to them at the same time (so I was a little shaky at both!). It was one of those "moments".

Then Santa arrived! The ladies were all over him!!

And, they danced with him too!

And MORE dancing!

This is Shirley, our dear friend. She loves to sing and she came up to sing a song with John.

Here is the entire group singing the last song.

Fun group and we had loads of fun!

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