Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Party Upcountry

We played for a private party on Friday and it was lots of fun. When we got there, you would have thought it was a ski lodge and not Mace Meadows. There was still a lot of snow piled up around the parking lot. And, it was rather chilly. They served dinner in the restaurant and had the band (us) in another room. You had to walk outside to get to it. We wondered if the folks would come out in the cold to walk over and hear us (they did!).

We enjoyed a wonderful meal (delicious!!) with the group. I didn't know the food was so great there. Nice surprise! Then we went over and got ready for them to come over and dance. And, they did!! We truly enjoyed the evening, this was a terrific group of people (and they DO love to dance!).

On this night it was only myself, John and Steve. Michael is in New York for 2 weeks staying with his elderly father. We truly miss just isn't the same without him in every way! But, the show must go on!! Steve has been practicing his guitar so he could fill in on some of the songs. He did a wonderful job. I'm so proud of him. The audience complimented us and we felt like we accomplished what we hoped to.

I wish I would have taken a picture or video of the lady with the 'light up shoes'. They twinkled as she danced. Very festive!!

We added a little Christmas music to our show, here's some for you with Steve playing lead guitar (our first time to perform it):

Hope to see you soon!

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