Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wagon Train Country Party

Saturday we played for a 'barn dance' in a big (really big) garage. Our hosts were the NICEST people ever! They went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They even built a stage for us (held up by hay bales!!)

Here is the friendly fire pit.

The decorations were magical! Come on in....

Please allow me to introduce Bill Stevens on guitar. We were honored to have him play with us while Michael is away. Steve and I met him for the first time as he stepped up on the stage. He just jumped right in and played away. He's a great rock singer too! He'll be playing with us this coming weekend also.

One of the guests was so kind to take some awesome photos for us....too many to share!!

This guy won these JAMMIE pants in the raffle. Don't let them fool you...they are not jeans and chaps....but they look like it. And, may I say, the RIGHT person won these! He was hilarious!!

These guys were 'guest announcers' for the raffle.

They were REAL gotta hear this:

There was a never ending supply of home cooked YUMMY food! And, they invited us to join them. This season is hazardous to our waistlines!!

After dinner, they cleared out the tables in the front for dancing, and there was a LOT of that!


Funny thing. There was a lot more dancing whenever they turned out the lights. And, it was so pretty with all the twinkle lights and the Christmas tree. But, it did NOT show up on video...unfortunately (too dark).

But I CAN share one of my favorite harp player:

Steve wants me to post this one of Angel From Montgomery...because he loves to play harp on it:

Last song for the die hards who stayed until the end....and we thank them!!!

It was an awesome evening. And, on the way home we got another treat! Placerville has the coolest decorations. These are right along the freeway:

Love it!

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  1. What an awesome band. You guys really do rock!! You are all soooo talented! I don't live near you but you must be the best band around!!! Thanks for sharing your great evening.