Thursday, March 17, 2011

Club 856 St. Paddy's

This was our first time at 856 and we were supposed to play outside in the courtyard.  It had been raining everyday and even snowing at our house, so we were a little bit reluctant to play outside.  Then the day arrived complete with warm temperatures and sunshine.  Just for the one day!  How cool is that?  

We set up outside and we used our new lights and they worked out great.  In fact, they work so great it should be a new invention!!  

The owner of the place is Jerry and he is so friendly and nice.  However, every time the GREENman showed up, Jerry was nowhere to be found....hmmmmm.

There was a whole lotta green going on!  

Michael had his beautiful granddaughters visiting and his wife, Marty, brought them to see the band.  

We were trying to get some video of the band and one of Michael's granddaughters offered to film.  She did a super job with one of our favorite songs that Michael does and he did it the BEST EVER.  Then, come to find out, the video camera was NOT on.  That was a big huge BUMMER.  But, we figured it out and she filmed this song...which was just as fun:

Our friends, Deiter and Karen, came to see us.  We always love seeing them!!  They stayed for the entire show, even when it did start to get chilly.  

We made new friends and had a blast!  As the evening wore on, the crowd got younger.  They planned to have a DJ after us for the younger crowd.  As we were packing up, I noticed that most of the songs the were playing were the same songs that WE just played.  This guy (below), told us that everyone assumes that the younger crowd all likes hip hop and he says that this is not always true!  Yay!

This guy was soooo nice!  He is hoping to have us play for a party for his Dad's BD.  That would be sooo fun.

I can totally imagine playing here on a warm summer night. 

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