Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gold Country Lanes St. Paddy

Crystal Image returned to Gold Country Lanes.   This place is great because it's big with lots of room for dancing and it never feels crowded.  There are pool tables and they serve food.  The parking is easy.  And, you can BOWL.  

I shopped again to find us something better for St. Patrick's Day and I hit the jackpot!  I found ties for the guys and a light up necklace for me.  I also made a St. Paddy t-shirt and we were ready to ROCK in the GREEN!  

I had an idea about lights.  Sometimes it can be really dark.  I had a thought that we could mount lights on top of our speakers and have them point down on us so we could see and be seen.  John's wife, Patty, who is very very handy with the tools, fixed up the speakers and the lights with velcro and we tried them out for the first time.  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  We did not have enough long extention cords.  But the idea was great and we planned to get cords asap!

It was a fun night. There were bands playing all over town that same night and folks were filtering in and out.  There were a few that came just to see us including a friend of mine, Ann and her hubby.  

And, there were a few people that sat at the bar for the entire evening and they were having a great time.  I wanted to thank them for staying the entire gig (4 hours!!!) but they left just before we stopped.  So, whoever you are....THANK YOU!!  Hope to see you again!  

John, goofing around, I think he should have worn the hat all night!

 This is John Swift, he runs the whole place.  Thank you John, for having us!

We took a bunch of video on my little camera and they are all fun fun fun!  The thing about it is that you can hear mostly what is right in front of the camera, the sound is much better out in front of the speakers.  But, we have fun with the little camera.  Steve takes most of the video and when it's time for him to play, he hands it to me.  Here is Mr. Rock N Roll, Michael and Honky Tonk Woman.  Enjoy!

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