Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deaver Vineyards

This was our first time to play for Deaver Vineyards and dang it...the weather did not cooperate!  Thankfully the folks at Deaver had us covered....literally!  They put up a big tent for the band and another for the tasting event.  

We played our first song and POOF the power went off.  Uh oh.  That can be dangerous to all of that expensive equipment we have.  Water + Electricity = danger!  The Deaver people fixed the problem and the music started back again.  It was rainy and chilly, but that did not stop the guests from attending the event and it did not stop us from ROCKIN the place!  

Unfortunately, Steve was still under the weather and did not come to the gig.  We invited a couple of local musicians to join us, but nobody could make it at the last minute.  The person it affected the most was Michael.  He had to fill in for all of Steve's harmonica solos with his guitar and he had to take over Steve's harmony parts.  He did fabulous and I'm sure that nobody would even know that we were missing someone .  But, we were missing him.  

Let me tell you this...dancing will warm you up!  I didn't even need my coat.  People were wandering in and out all day and they would stop to dance to a song or two.  Who can resist?

This fellow was so nice!  He just loved the band and stayed until we stopped.   

His family was lovin the music too!  

I sure hope we can come back to Deaver again on a SUNNY day! 

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