Friday, March 11, 2011

Stockton Singles, St. Patricks

When we got to the Stockton Singles (at the Stockton Elks Lodge), we all commented on how much we look forward to playing for these people.  They are all so nice and they love to dance.  We play music for them and they dance for us!  

There was a lot of GREEN going on here!  I tried to get some green for us to wear but couldn't find much, darn.  I found some pins and brought some black ties for the guys and we put the pins all over the ties.  I wore a green top and some necklaces and we were ready to celebrate St. Paddy style!

I wish I could show you how wonderful it looks when these people dance.  Everytime I video tape it, it comes out dark.  They are really terrific dancers and it's a joy to watch.

Sometime during the evening a lady from the Elks Lodge came in and heard us and she hired us to play for the Elks Octoberfest....woo hoo!!  That was so exciting and we are truly looking forward to that.

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