Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barn Wedding

We were hired to play for a wedding in Elk Grove at a "Barn".  We had an address and we all ended up getting lost.  We went around and around.  Eventually we figured out that it was right in front of us, we just didn't see it.  It was a huge barn that the couple had decorated, it was great.  

I did not know the people personally, all I knew was that the bride was from Pennsylvania.  When we were setting up, my friend, Talia came up to me (big surprise!) and told me THIS was her Brother's wedding!  I was so shocked.  I told her that this could NOT be a coincidence.  She told me that she did tell him about us.  How fun!!  

I thought that everyone was soooo laid back, for a wedding that is.  As it turns out, the couple had a wedding back east and this party was for the west coast (groom's) family.  Many of the east coast folks came all the way for this party.  Here is the happy couple:

The toasts were wonderful, here is the father of the bride:

I love the look on their faces.  It was a really sweet speech.

Here is the father of the groom, his speech was also very touching.  The mother of the groom in on his left.   I really loved that when the "Mother/Son" song came, she invited all mothers and sons to join them.  It was so sweet to see mothers and sons of all ages dancing together.

A toast!

Father daughter dance.  The bride is from a very large family and she had several sisters at the party.  They are all beautiful!  

This family was so fun and happy.  We started out playing some soft dinner music.

It is a family tradition for this guy to sing "Margaritaville".  The band played it for him and he was really good!!

After a while, they were ready to ROCK and we played our entire last set of Rock n Roll.  The dancing was off the hook!

I took a lot of video and I'll share it here when I get it edited.

What a fun time.

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