Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rock n Roll at Gold Country Lanes

When we finished playing for the Starz Campout for Cancer, we had some time to go and get dinner before we needed to set up at Gold Country Lanes.  We couldn't decide what to do with our time, so we went to dinner and before we knew it, the time was up! 

Steve, myself, Jerry and Michael all went to Thomi's for dinner and enjoyed a great meal and were also entertained by Rick Lipp who plays there every Satruday night.  He is terrific and we enjoyed visiting with him. 

When we first got to Gold Country Lanes, it was pretty quiet.  We are always so happy to see familiar faces!  Here is Tom and Kendra with the band.  Tom is in a band too, Unkle those guys!

This couple is so nice, they have been to many of our shows, including the Hippie Party last spring!  They stayed with us up to the very last song!!

This fun group is having us play for their Christmas party and I know it will be sooo much fun.  We were so happy to see them.  They danced and laughed and had a great time.  I need to get better at writing down names so I can share them with you!  

I can put a name with this's our son, Jesse!  I was surprised to look up during a song and see him sitting there.  That is so sweet. 

I love to watch people dance.

The couple on the left came up from Stockton to hear us and they are really great dancers, it was so fun to watch them!

Here is the Stockton couple again.  I wish I had video of them. 

We didn't see this sign until we were leaving and had to get a picture of it!  Thanks to John at Gold Country Lanes for having us.  It's always fun to play there.

One thing that I've been working on pretty much forever is getting audio for our website.  Steve got creative and taped the recorder to a pole and attached it to a speaker.  Did it work?  Yep, it did!   Yay.  So, we have brand new audio on our website.  So, if you see a pole on our speaker, you will know what it is.

Take a listen: click on audio

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