Saturday, September 10, 2011

Campout for Cancer 2011

We volunteered for the 2011 Starz Campout for Cancer.  We played for about an hour to entertain the people who were walking to raise money. 

I'm not sure I explained this to the guys in the band, because they didn't know why people kept walking by and not stopping to hear the music.  The cool thing is that they had speakers all around the walking area so people could hear the music the entire time they were walking. 

There were so many musical groups that came and played that day.  We had another gig to get to, so we couldn't stay and listen, but we did get to visit with a few other musicians. 

They provided a sound system, so we didn't have to bring very much with us. 

It was a really great event.  I encourage you to visit their website and read all about it:

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