Friday, September 9, 2011

Stockton Singles Ballroom Dancing

The Stockton Singles are a great group of people who love to dance!  They have a club that gets together every Friday for dancing and socializing.  They are just the nicest people.  We love to play for them, they make us feel so appreciated.  

Here is some line dancing:

And, ballroom dancing!

Everyone dresses so nice...I love that!  And, ballroom dancers wear the prettiest shoes.  One of these days, I am going to go around the room and take pictures of shoes!

Many people don't realize that Crystal Image has a Dinner Dance/Ballroom show and a Rock N Roll show.  For the Stockton Singles we play our Ballroom music. 

If you like to ballroom dance, come out to the Stockton Singles and join the fun.  You can see when we will be there on our ARE on our email list aren't you? you can sign up on the front page.

And...I will be adding a Dinner Dance/Ballroom page to our website soon. 

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