Sunday, September 19, 2010

Connie & Curt

We love to play for private parties. So much fun. This party was for Connie & Curt's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We did a party for just their family back in June and this party was for family and friends. What a fun group.

Because Michael S. was still recovering from his eye surgery, we had to do the show without him. Steve learned to play some of the guitar parts just for this show. I can tell you that he was pretty nervous! Steve is always ALWAYS cool as a cucumber and never nervous....I enjoyed his being nervous. Is that mean?

Michael Bowers was our drummer that night, and he really helped fill the void left by Michael Samaritano. Two Michaels is confusing, so we call him Bowers, or as Johns says "Bowser'. Michael B. is a fabulous drummer. The best!! And, he sings too. He is a real "wisecracker", always trying to mess with each of us.

John doesn't really need anyone else in the band. He can be a one man band with his keyboard. Here he is in "control central". He is constantly "tweeking" the sound all night long.

He not only survived, he did wonderful. There were a few times when I even forgot that he was playing, it just sounded "normal". But, make no mistake about it, we were all missing Michael S.

Did I tell you that these guys are all jokers?

Michael B is always trying to get a reaction from me. So, when I asked him to pose for a picture, he made some pretty lewd gestures. I told him that I was going to put that on the internet. Well, I can't seem to do it. So, I will post this cheesy picture of him instead. I'm still keeping it "G" rated around here. So, use your imagination!!

Breaktime! Connie & Curt fed the band, and we (especially the guys), just love it when there is food involved!

This night was so fun. The people danced and danced. And, because it was a family event, there were children running around. And, there were some adorable little girls that kept coming up and hugging me over and over during our show. Precious!!

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