Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pine Grove Farmer's Market

I love playing for the Farmer's Market. We played there last year every Wednesday. It was the place that I played (sang) in public for the first time ever, last June. The vendors are all wonderful people with fabulous veggies!! This year we were too busy to be able to play every week, so we play there once a month. On this day, we did most of the show without Steve, because he had to work. But, when he was done, he joined us.

Yep. You are seeing correctly. That IS Steve on guitar. This was his "debut". If you don't already know, Steve is our "Harp" player (harmonica). So, this was a huge stretch. He has been working on this for a few weeks. I can tell you he was nervous. And, he doesn't usually get nervous.

He was sweating it out...not from the sun. Ha.

Michael sat out and was super supportive! The reason that Steve is doing this is so that he can play in a show that Michael can't come to. It's won't be the same without Michael, he will be having surgery on his eyes (prayers please), in September and will miss one of our shows.

We put out a Facebook post to come out with friends and lawn chairs and enjoy a Free concert in the park. A bunch of folks came out and spent the afternoon with us. These folks were at our Hippie Party for New Year's. And, some other people that were sitting next to them were also at that show...but they may not have recognized each other without the Hippie costumes!! We were so grateful to have an audience...that makes it soooo much more fun.

It was so fun to have Steve (my hubby) playing guitar. I still prefer his harp....but he is so talented to be able to pick up this instrument and learn it so fast. His talent and John's teaching together is incredible.

Ah. Now he is back on harp and Michael is back on guitar and all is right with the world!!

Mr. Rock N Roll.

Thank you to my dear friend, Carolyn Fox for taking this great photo of me and Michael and sending it to me.

I just had to share this other photo from Carolyn, of myself and Virginia Manner. Virginia is a vendor at the Farmer's Market and we had to "ham" it up for the photo.

The weather was perfect and our new speakers were the BEST! We had no trouble with our set up and we are ready to go! The sound is so improved and I personally think that they look fantastic!

This weekend....Tahoe here we come!

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