Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Music in the rain :)

The weatherman had us all pretty nervous about Saturday night. They predicted rain showers. Someone told us the stage was covered. Well, not really. We brought umbrellas just in case.

Steve and I got there first...and that is unusual. It's hard to get there before Michael. Unfortunately, his gps decided to take him through Sheep Ranch. NOT on the way (he comes from Sacramento)!! Ugh. He was not happy about's a very windy 'out of the way' route.

When we got there, I remembered being there last year. This was the first public show (excluding our local farmer's market), that Steve and I ever showed up to. Corinne and Larry were still here (they have since moved to Canada..."Hi you guys!!"), and Steve and I were complete novices, we didn't have a clue about what we were doing! Not only were we new to the band, we were new to making music all together!! We did our best and with the support of the gang, we made it through. It's been a long year and a really fun one. It was surreal to be back and in such a different frame of mind.

We were happy to be using our "new" (well NEW to us anyway) monitors! It changes everything. These new monitors are such high quality, they make us wish we had better main speakers. We have always used John's equipment. The monitors were a group purchase!

We love it when people get up and dance. It's so much fun for us! These brave ones are line dancing.

Michael was really rocking!!

It became apparent that the WARMEST thing to do was get up and dance!!

We were so grateful that so many people stayed for the entire concert, all bundled up in jackets and blankets. At one point, we could see several cars parked in the lot right next to the stage area with windows down. It made me think...."hey we are now a 'drive in' concert" cool is that?

We met a new friend from Denmark adding to our international friend list!! Hi Karin!!

It was a fabulous evening, simply wonderful!

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