Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick trip to buy more equipment

Ever since we got the new monitors a couple weeks ago, we have all been talking about upgrading our speakers. John found a sale on the exact ones we wanted and we all hopped in our cars and met at the music store in Sac. We got a great deal and came home with speakers. WOO HOO!

You know how sometimes you see a person with a sign that says "will work for food"? I think we need a sign that says "will play for equipment"! Just as soon as we get something, we need something else. A year ago, I owned a microphone and Steve had a microphone and a set of harps (harmonicas). Now we have a LOADED down vehicle. FULL. Can't fit anything else. What? How crazy is that?

Now that we have new speakers...hopefully that will be it for now. Even though we all pitch eats up a lot of the money we get from our gigs. That whole "starving artist" thing, right?

I am excited because my main goal was to have the show "look good" (I'm a girl...what can I say?). The guys mostly care about the sound (of course!). So, together we work toward both. And with our new speakers and monitors (which MATCH by the way), we will have good sound and it will look great! Because of the monitors, we can put our speakers up on tripods. I am amazed at how much smaller they look when they are up high. It looks better. And, I'm told the sound is better win.

We are going to try out our new speakers at the Farmer's Market today. There will be changes to figure out in our set up. That's always a challenge. But, once we have it down, we'll be fast.

Wish us luck with all those cords ....whew.

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