Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lodi Wine Cellars & Friends

We got a last minute call a couple of days ago to come in and play for the Lodi Wine Cellars. We are without Michael right now. Because of this, Steve has learned some guitar to "fill in" (a little...certainly...nobody can fill Michael's shoes!!). We jumped at the chance to practice. Lodi Wine Cellars is a wonderful place with lovely decor and fabulous wine....and Michael the bartender behind the bar, what a great guy...very fun!!

We weren't sure that anyone would even be there. There is a big wine festival going on in town. We sent out a last minute email and posted on Facebook and some of our very dear friends came to see us!! Wow. That really made our night!!

From the Left: Lou, Mike, Sara, Mike, Astrid, Chuck, Stephanie, guy from the restaurant next door (delivering yummy food), John and Steve. Michael, the bartender would be in the photo, except he was standing up high on the bar to take the picture. Told you he was fun!! They danced and danced and made the night a real BLAST!!

I love this picture of Steve playing harp with his guitar ready to go!!

Chuck requested an old country song and John was in his element, he kept them coming!

Thanks to everyone for coming out. It means the world to us!

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