Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gold Country Lanes

After we played for the Motherlode Cruise car show, we had lunch in the park and rested....because....we had ANOTHER gig!  Yep.  We also played for Gold Country Lanes.  We handed out fliers at the car show and lots of people said they would come to the bowling alley later on.

When we got to there and it was pretty empty.  There were a few people there and when we started playing...they left.  So, we played a song to the bartender and some more people came in...then they left.  Wow.  Kinda hard to not take that personally.

Then...Hallelujah... some of our friends showed up.  And, some more people, and some more of our friends.  Ah.  This was going to be a great night after all!  We so appreciate the folks who show up from our email list.  It's the best!!  If you want to sign up to receive our email blasts, you can sign up on our website:  I send out our show list every week.

This couple knows us from the Stockton Singles Club:

And, this pretty lady (below on the left) had a birthday!  We did the Birthday song for her and her friends.  She works for a winery and hopefully we will play for them in the future.

Our Stockton friends asked for some slow music and that is always fun to dance to.

Fun as it was, we were really tired.  The later it got, the funnier everything seemed.  This wonderful couple from Stockton (man I wish I could remember their names!) stayed with us to the last song!  They knew we had played all day and were cheering us on!  Gosh we all just loved them for that!  At the end, the guy came up to Steve and said that he knew we had played all day and were tired, but that we gave EVERY song EVERYTHING.  Man it's nice to hear that.  Yes, we DID play all day, but we had an awesome time and wouldn't have changed a thing.  

Gold Country Lanes is a fun place with lots of room for dancing, easy parking, pool tables, food and bowling!  It's a great place to spend a Saturday night. And, we love playing there. 

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