Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ciao Bella 05-14-11

It was so much fun to be back at Ciao Bellas!  And, there was a BIG Birthday Bash going on!  Here is the birthday girl with her family.  They took over the entire restaurant and had it was pretty fabulous!  We even did the Beatles "Birthday Song" for her and her whole family danced with her.  

There was dancing NON stop all evening.  We play until 1am...and the dance floor was packed up to the last song.  

Some of our friends from the Stockton Singles Club came too.  We play a "Rock" show at Ciao Bellas.  So, it is pretty much ROCKIN the entire evening.  Which is quite different from the music we play for the Stockton Singles which is more oldies, more soft music.  Someone from Stockton Singles came up to me and said "Is THIS the SAME band that played last night????".   Of course he knew it was us, he was just surprised at how different our music was.  That was fun!  We DO love to shake it up and surprise people.  

It was kind of cold and rainy outside....seems like it's been that way forever. We were set up in the lobby with the front door behind us, so folks had to use the other entrance.  At one point in the evening, I noticed the staff seemed to be rushing back to the bathroom and I could have sworn I smelled smoke.  Jose came over and opened the door behind us to let in some fresh air.  Turns out that someone thought it would be cool to light a trash can on fire in the bathroom.  Jose and his staff were on it right away.  The smoke alarm never even had a chance to go off.  Who would do a thing like that?

This is Marquis, he's a DJ and tested me out to see if I would remember his name.  I failed miserably and he made sure I would never forget again!! 

Dance Dance and Dance some more!!

We will be back at Ciao Bellas September 3rd, so come out and join us.  If you want all the information, sign up for our email list on our website: .  I send out our show list every week with all the details.  

Thank you to everyone who came out and partied with us!

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