Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elizabeth Spencer Winery

Now this is an amazing Charles.

Charles found our band on the internet and we connected about playing for the Elizabeth Spencer Winery .  We talked about possible dates etc.  

The winery called me and asked if we could play Thursday because their band canceled at the last minute.  We don't usually play on Thursdays so we were available and YES we would love to play this gig.  I was pretty sure that they didn't know how they found us...but I knew...Charles.  I called Charles to let him know that we would be there and he was so happy about that.  But, he let his wife be suprised!

Charles and his wife are so supportive and wanted to help find live music for this venue.  It's because of them that we were there and we are sooooo grateful!  

This Winery Tasting Room is so elegant and lovely.  They have pretty gardens, a patio area, lots of great seating and my oh my the wine....devine!

We had fun taking pictures...there were so many great backdrops.

And everything was blooming.  Funny thing...the weather before this day wasn't great and it wasn't great right after...but for THIS day it was perfect!

We started out with soft music so people could talk and visit.

As the evening continued, we picked up the pace and before long we were ROCKIN. 

The winery "mascot" wanted to get in on the act.

These fun people asked for some "Lady Gaga",  I don't think the guys would go for that...but I would love it!  We did some Bruce Springsteen for them instead.

And we had a Birthday Girl in the house! know it!!  We did the Birthday song for her.

Here is our Birthday Girl again.

This is the band with Elizabeth and Spencer, our hosts.  We thank you so much for having us.  It was a wonderful wonderful night!

And....we will be back on July 14 to do it all over again.  Come on out and join us!

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