Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hotel Leger

The Hotel Leger is one of our favorite places to play.  It's the closest to home for Steve and me, so it's like a homecoming each time we get to play there!  We had heard from tons of people that they were coming and then....a storm.  Enough already!  This weather is CRAZY!   With that, we didn't know what to expect!

There have been some changes at the Hotel Leger.  Introducing the NEW owners,  Daryl and Tracy Zellers.  We know Daryl's brother and we all live in the same small town.  But, we had to wonder if we would still be playing there.  And, YES!  It turns out that they had been there before when we were playing and they wanted us to keep our scheduled gig.  Yay!  They are the nicest people and we are so happy for them and their new adventure!  

I talked to Tracy and she told me that the Hotel was sold out that night and the night before.  Wow!  Did you know that people come to this hotel from all over the world?  It's a really neat old place and rumor has it that it is HAUNTED!  There are 3 ghosts one of them is a child and they are one of the reasons that people like to come here.  I think that the ghost teased us last month when John's keyboard played something wacky right in the middle of a sweet song...he didn't touch a thing to make it happen.  Was it a ghost?  

We were so happy to see some friends show up to see us.  Lisa on the right works at our Dentist office and Ginger and her husband organize the "Camp Out for Cancer" , which our band will participate in on September 10th.  It's a small world here in the country.  Ginger's daughter and my daughter were on the same gymnastics team for several years waaaaay back!  

 This lady was up from Southern California, I'm pretty sure she told me she came in hopes of seeing the ghost.

There were also some folks from France.  There is always a dispute as to the pronunciation of the Hotel Leger.  We have always said "Lee Jay".  But, lots of people say "led ger".  When we took a vote, can you guess what the French people voted for?  

We had a great time.  Suzette came and danced with me, there she is on the left!

And, Susan showed up later on.  It's always great to see you!!

We played and danced the night away and before we knew it, it was time to stop!  We did an encore and called it a night.  And, we are already looking forward to coming back June 18th.  Come join us for the fun!

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