Saturday, May 7, 2011

Historic Folsom Street Party

2 MORNING gigs in a row!!  We usually play at night, so it's kind of strange to be heading to a gig in the morning.  It's much nicer to have a morning gig when we didn't play late the night before, so THAT was a good thing.

We were set to play at 1pm, but because they were closing the street, they suggested that we bring in our equipment at 8am so that we could drive our vehicles right up to the stage.  So, we decided to do that.  8am meant that we left our house around 6:30 amUgh That was tooooo early for me!  I decided to wear something comfortable and change for the show later. 

We had hours to we went out to breakfast!  Mmmm yummy!

When we first got there they were setting up the stage.  We knew right away that the stage was not level and this is a problem for us.  We worked it all out with some hand wedges that Steve made.  Another problem was that the stage was not covered.  They told me that it would be, so I didn't plan on bringing anything for shade.  Lesson learned.  I'm going to make sure that we bring umbrellas to every outdoor gig, just in case!

We were mostly worried about John's keyboards.  We did not need for the keyboard to breakdown due to sun exposure.  The keyboard is the heart of the band.  I don't see how we continue without it.  Steve came up with an idea to make a cover with foam board for the keyboard and we took a quick trip to Target to get some.  We really hated to give up our very good parking place, but oh well.  As luck would have it, the space was still open when we got back....we were just behind the person who pulled in and got it!  Dang.

I took the opportunity to change in to my show clothes in the car....that was interesting!  I sure didn't want to do that in a Port-a-potty.  Turns out the port-a-potty was really nice and would have been fine. (did you need to know that?)  So, I was dressed and ready and we had the foam board for John.  We still had to wait for 3 acts to complete before we could set up.

Normally, we set up in an hour.  We had 30 minutes to set up at this gig.  We tried to get as much ready ahead of time as possible and with all the hurdles....we still started on time.  I'm so proud of us for that!

We played for an hour and this is ALWAYS the fun part!  We could have played for a lot longer.  But, we were the last show in the event, and when it was time to stop...we did.   Here's a video of some of our show.  If you watch until the end, you will have a little treat!  There is a really great dancer rockin out!!

We are going to play there again in June for 2nd Saturday....and we are all looking forward to it.  Historic Folsom is a cool place...and old town with unique shops and since the revitalization project, it's just a pleasure to walk around.  Come see for yourself June 11 at 6pm!

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