Thursday, May 19, 2011


This particular gig was very personal for me.  Well they all are, but this one ws special.  We played for the Calaveras County Fair, it's our county fair and we have always called it "Frogjump".  It's the famous home of the Frog Jump Jubilee.  The whole idea of a frog jumping contest comes from a Mark Twain story.  Mark Twain lived in the area during the Gold Rush and he wrote some great stories.  

"Frogjump" is so important to the folks that live here.  Every year our school would let the kids have holiday for Thursday and Friday of the Fair.  I spent year after year going to the fair all four days with my kids.  In fact, my daughter was 2nd runner up in the Miss Calaveras Pageant in 1999 (I think that was the year).  

As soon as I knew that our band was going to play for the fair, I called my kids and invited them to come.  My oldest has a family and lives in Eureka, and they have not ever heard our band play.  They all committed to come and it was to be a family reunion for us. 

We started playing at 6pm.  The weather co-operated nicely!! 

This guy was here to compete in the Frog Jumping contest.  He has won many times!

We all had a great time!

Here is my dear daughter (in the middle), with two of her very good friends.  In fact, the girl on the left was her childhood best friend.  They rode rides and remembered the days when they were little girls at this very fair.  

There was dancing!!   Here is my oldest son, dancing with his daughter (my granddaughter).  Both of my Granddaughters had their faces cute!

My girls!!  From the left, Kelly (my daughter's good friend), Aurora and Tenaya (my Granddaughters) and my Daughter, January.

My son got his wife (my dear daughter-in-law) up to dance for a sweet romantic song. 

My dear friend, Susan, came to see us.  She is a terrific photographer and she won for several of her photos.  I think it was 3 first place and a 3rd.  In fact she sold some of her pictures right there at the fair!  I'm sad to say that we had other friends (like Cyn) that I don't have any pictures of.  Dang.  It's so hard to get pictures of everyone!!  
Later in the evening, there were less people, it was winding down, and a group of young guys came and they were FANTASTIC.  They were fun and the energy was crazy with them!  They kept throwing money on the fun is that?  They stayed until the last song....

And, then they asked for one more....and we played another....then one more!!  We could have played all night!!  But, of course the fair was closing.

What a wonderful night.  I will cherish it forever!  If you are my facebook friend, check back as I will probably add some more fun pictures of this great day.  You can find our band page on Facebook, crystalimagemusic.

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